25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (2022)

Bring your child’s inner paleontologist to life by making some kids fossils!

Even the tiniest tot has a thing for dinosaurs and all things existing in the long period of time. There are just some magical and interesting facts about finding extinct animals who lived millions of years before we were even a speck, and more so finding common fossils (Latin word, fossilis), that still exist on Earth’s surface today. That’s why the young paleontologists in your household are going to love these 25 fun kids fossil ideas. They’re twenty-five of the most brilliant ways you can think of to explore main types of fossils, the concept of fossils, and even eat cookies while learning about fossils on Earth today.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (1)

Your kids are going to be agog at all these different ideas, and you’ll love watching their brains expand. Enjoy!

Fun and Awesome Kids Fossils and Activities

Museum finds new dinosaur-era fossil bed. A new fossil bed has been found, which the museum says dates from the finds to the late Jurassic period 100 million years ago. Enjoy these fun and awesome rock-like fossil activities with kids!

1. Playdough Alphabet Fossils

Instead of just animals and plants, why not make alphabet trace fossils (unavailable) for your kids to find in the sand or mud? Get the idea from Playdough To Plato.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (2)

2. Amber Fossil Soap Project

Kids love to explore, so let them explore the tub with thisamber fossil soap idea from Disney Imagicademy. It’s creepy and totally fossilicious. You may add different insects of your choice!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (3)

3. Slimy Amber Slime Fossil

Or if they want to experience amber in the early stages (pre-fossil), hardened form of tree sap, you should try thisamber slime project from Totally The Bomb.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (4)
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4. Cool Amber Fossil Craft for Kiddos

One last amber craft for the road? How about thismosquito in “amber”craft? It can be turned into a necklace, or kept in a safe place to show off to all their friends. What a cool idea from A Thrifty Mom!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (5)

5. Fun Clay-Pressed Fossils

Want to see how animals or parts of the animal are determined from fossils? Thisclay-pressed fossilscraft will show your kids exactly that! Want to know the answer to the question of how small pieces of debris form fossils? We travel back in time as we explore this fossil activity for kids from Little Brick House Clayworks!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (6)

6. Amazing Coffee Ground Fossils

If you want some more realistic, sandy fossils and rock-like minerals sediment, make thesecoffee ground fossils from Crafts By Amanda.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (7)

7. Beautiful Colored Leaf Fossils

Littles might not enjoy exploring as much as they’ll enjoy thesecolored leaf fossils by Freebie Finding Mom!

8. Cool Fossil Excavation Activity for Kids

Have kiddo scavengers who want hands-on experience? Let them excavate their owndinosaur fossilwith these tools and tips. Kids love to explore fossils and may find traces of their activities. This activity makes it easy for preschoolers to dig for dinosaurs’ remains. Kids will feel like paleontologists with this simple fossil project from Paper Vine!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (9)

9. Fun DIY Fossil Excavation

Or they can use toys out of their own toy chests to create adyno fossil excavationusing their own imaginations. Fun activity by Mom Inspired Life!

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25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (10)

10. Amazing Dinosaur Fossil Tracks Matching Game

Your kids are going to love thisdinosaur tracks matchingcraft. It’s like a craft and a game mixed together. You can even add this to your toddler’s sensory bin for a cool experience! Kudos to Coffee Cups And Crayons for this idea!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (11)

11. DIY Fossil Solid Rock Project

Create your ownfossil rocksand let your kids break into them to discover what’s inside! These fossils look like real archaeological treasures, rock-like copy of the original object, that provide a glimpse into the past. Learn how to make this fossilized object with your children by clicking this link from By Stephanie Lynn.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (12)

12. Homemade Clay Fossils

Theseair dry clay fossilsuse materials you can find at any craft store and will let your kids make fossils using toys from their rooms. Kids can craft models of dinosaur fossils or their footprints. These prehistoric models are easy to make and fun to use. Learn how to make fossils for kids by clicking the link from Our Crafts N Things!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (13)

13. Fun Frozen Fossil Excavation Activity

There are many ways to excavate dinosaurs, and thisfrozen egg excavationactivity from Little Bins for Litte Hands is a fun way for your kids to have a sensory experience and excavate at the same time.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (14)

14. Fizzling Fossil Revealing Activity

Another fun dig sites excavation activity is thisfizzy fossil reveal. Apart from dinos, you may use other toys like reptiles, oysters and mussels. This activity from Growing a Jeweled Rose is physical science at its finest!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (15)

15. Yummy Fossil Cookies

Who says fossils have to all be dirty? Thesefossil cookiesare fun fossils your kids can eat! Grab the recipe from Makezine!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (16)

16. Lovely Fossil Necklace Project

Create this funfossil necklacefrom K-8 Art and your child can wear their fossil adventure wherever they go.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (17)

17. Dinosaur Fossils with Playdough

Make your own fossils using playdough, and dinosaur skeletons out of your child’s toy chest. What a cool way to teach physical science to your kids! Learn how to do this activity from Fun At Home With Kids!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (18)

18. Toilet Roll Dinosaur Bones Fossil

Sometimes excavating dinosaurs is about putting them back together. Thistoilet roll dinosauractivity from Your Modern Family lets your children use their imaginations to decide which fossil of a bone they’ve uncovered.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (19)

19. Crafty Glue Fossil

Here’s another great way to explore fossils: make aglue fossil. Kids will totally dig into this fossil activity from education.com!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (20)

20. Classy Fossil Soap Idea

Wash up from all that fossil hunting with this fabulousfossil soap project from Simplistically Living. A few friendly chemicals are needed for this fossil soap idea.

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21. Beautiful Fossil Casts

Thesefossil castsare truly beautiful and will give your children an idea of what real fossils might look like. It seems so real like small pieces of rock with traces of prehistoric life. This idea from That Artist Woman is classic!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (22)

22. Fossils Made of Plaster of Paris

Here’s anotherrealistic body fossilsexperience — perfect for your physical science homeschool subject. This one is made using plaster of paris and the casts come out so very detailed! Get the steps from Broogly!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (23)

23. Playdough Fossil Casts

For a less detailed, more fun approach, mold and make someplaydough casts, like these ones from No Time for Flashcards. Your kids will have fun pressing their toys, squashing the fossil, and repeating.

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (24)

24. Indoor Fossil Excavation Activity

Thistabletop digby DIY Ready would be a fun fossil hunting experience for a party, or on days where the kids can’t go outside. It’s a fun sensory idea too!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (25)

25. Amazing Dyno Bone Fossils

Check out thesedyno bones fossils. You’ll be surprised to find out what ingredient is used to give them this texture, but how cool do they end up looking! Try this project with your kids from Preschool Crafts For Kids today!

25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (26)
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25 Fun Fossil Ideas For Kids (27)

Which fossil activity are you going to try with your kids today?


How do you make a fossil for kids? ›

How to Make Dinosaur Fossils
  1. Combine salt, flour, and water in a small bowl or dish. ...
  2. When the dough forms, pinch off small fistfuls and shape into flattened rounds similar in shape and size to a cookie. ...
  3. Repeat step two with each dinosaur. ...
  4. Bake at 200° Fahrenheit until your fossils are dry.

What are fossils kid friendly? ›

Fossils are the remains or traces of plants and animals that lived long ago. Fossils give scientists clues about the past. For this reason, fossils are important to paleontology, or the study of prehistoric life. Most fossils are found in earth that once lay underwater.

How do you make a fossil for a science project? ›

To make your own fossils at home, you will need:
  1. 1 cup of used coffee grounds.
  2. ½ cup cold coffee.
  3. 1 cup of all-purpose flour.
  4. ½ cup of salt.
  5. Wax paper.
  6. Mixing bowls.
  7. Small objects (small toy dinosaurs, seashells, starfish, etc.) to make impressions.
  8. An empty can, a butter knife, or a cookie cutter.
Mar 20, 2020

What is the most interesting fossil? ›

Fossilized fish lung

The researchers identified the fish, which belonged to the mysterious coelacanth group, from a 66 million-year-old fossilized lung. The unique fossil was discovered in Morocco alongside several bones from a pterosaur.

How do you make a fossil out of playdough? ›

Playdough Fossil Activity - YouTube

How do you make a fossil out of coffee? ›

Stir together coffee grounds, coffee, flour, and salt until a dough forms. Knead dough and then turn out and flatten onto wax paper with hands. Using your cup or cookie cutter, cut out circles or shapes out of the flattened dough. Press small objects firmly into the dough to leave an imprint.


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