Coolest Dinosaur 3rd Birthday Party Ideas (2022)

For my oldest’s 3rd birthday he chose a ‘dinosaur’ theme. What a fun theme to put together! I’m big on the little details so there was a lot of work that went into his party.

For the invitations I chose a T Rex image since that is his favorite dino. I used clip art images & my paint program on my computer & made a simple invite in the colors of his party (blue, orange, green & red).

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I wrote “Micah is 3! Join us for a ROARing good time!” with all the important info. I also put “lunch will be served for all herbivores and carnivores”. Micah loved them and they were so easy to make up! I used snapfish when they had a print sale and printed all the invites up as a photo and they turned out great!

For his birthday outfit I just searched for a shirt with a T Rex on it. Luckily, we live on a military base and at our Exchange we found a Carter’s outfit that was perfect!

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Blue shirt with a T Rex on it in green & orange! Even had cute little plaid shorts to match! For his baby sister, I made a green, orange & blue tutu and matching hairbow.

For the party decor I wanted to really go all out. I found a 4ft tall T Rex cardboard stand up cut out at Oriental Trading. I figured with a bunch of 3 year olds it would get ruined, so I opted to nail it to my wall. I used construction paper in our party colors and had Micah help me draw a T Rex footprint template and then cut out TONS of footprints.

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I taped one to our front door to greet the guests, & then I put the rest leading from the floor in front of the door, up the wall and across our living room (the party space) leading to the T Rex as if he had walked in our door and climbed across our wall.

It was great because it was a LARGE display so it really helped add to the effect at the party. I found a set of 6 blow up dinosaurs at Oriental as well & blew those up and placed them around the house.

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It included a pterodactyl so I used fishing line to hang him from our play room ceiling. It looked kind of cool! I also purchased a 4ft tall inflatable red T rex and placed him in the corner across from the front door for the kids to play with. He was definitely a hit!

We hung paper streamers in orange & green from the corner of each room to the center light in each room & hung streamers coming down the wall in each corner, as well. I blew up lots of balloons in blue, green, orange & red and let them float around all over. At the dollar tree I purchased several very large punching balloons that said “happy birthday”. I found some in our colors so I decided to blow them up & hang them from our curtain rod above the food/cake table. They were a nice, large, cheap color statement.

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For centerpieces I found large honeycomb volcano centerpieces from OT. I got two of them for our tables. They were about two feet tall with a honeycomb volcano & then a ring of cardboard around them that cardboard dinosaurs stood on. Very cool and very cheap! There were matching ceiling swirls that we bought, as well, & hung those above our food, in the playroom and the archway between our play room & living room.

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For the cake, I had to make myself. My son has an egg allergy so we have to be creative with how we make certain things… cake included. He said he wanted a volcano cake. It was my first time attempting a cake in 3D so I had to do a little research, but it worked!

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I took a can of sprite & a box of cake mix (triple chocolate & vanilla-times 3) and baked the cakes in three pyrex bowls of different sizes. I then froze them in saran wrap. After they were frozen I took them out & shaved them down, layered some frosting & stacked them to look like a volcano. I frosted the whole stack in chocolate frosting. Once stacked I took an empty, cleaned green chile can & cut out a spot for it in the top layer & stuck in it. I frosted the top of the can so you could no longer see the rim. I then took decorator’s frosting in glittery red, orange & yellow and drizzled lines of frosting down the sides of the cake to look like lava. I pooled a bit of it around the bottom, as well. I took new, washed plastic dinosaurs & plants from the dollar tree & placed them around the volcano like they had been trapped when it erupted. I also took a larger plastic pterodactyl & sat him right on top of the volcano. I wrote “Micah 3” on the cake board & also had a number 3 cake candle for the party. At the start of the party I added some dry ice to the green chile can & poured a bit of water in it (dry ice was from Shopper’s foods). It made the coolest smoke effect for the volcano! The kids were amazed, & I’m pretty sure the adults were impressed, too!

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Here’s the complete writeup for my cake…

To go with the cake I also made a few vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I wrote “3” on some in yellow frosting & then added green frosting grass and a plastic dinosaur on others.

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They sat in a cupcake tree alongside foil cupcake liners filled with cut strawberries, pineapple & canteloupe. It was a very pretty and colorful yummy display!

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As for food, it was left up to the three year old. He said, “I want pizza and fruit! And popcorn!”. Soooo, pizza it was! I ordered a ton of pizzas in lots of choices. Spinach & mushroom, bacon & pineapple (YUM!), pepperoni, plain, cheesesteak, sausage…. something for everyone! I made a white chocolate chex mix with cashews, rice chex, cheerios, m&m’s, kettle corn and white chocolate. It was delicious! A party guest called it “candy crack” because it was rather addictive. For the ‘herbivores’ I also had the cupcake liners with cut fruit as I mentioned above (great because it’s single serve size & can be on display in a cupcake tree so it adds color to the party table). I made bbq & buffalo wings, as well, for those carnivore Daddies that were at the party, too! We had lemonade, peach tea, juice boxes, coca-cola, sprite and waters for drinks for all those thirsty little Dinosaurs. And, of course, for the ‘sweetivores’ we had ice cream to go with the yummy chocolate & vanilla cake!

I played “Land Before Time” quietly in the background for the little ones who needed a bit of a break (sometimes parties are just too exhausting for the little tykes!). For our game we played “Pin the skull on the dinosaur skeleton”.

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It was fun & easy for the kids, especially since there was a larger age range. Winner received a dino skeleton toy & lollipop.

For favors I really tried to stick with the theme. I got paper bags in green and used tissue paper in orange, green & blue. I wrote each child’s name as a dino name (Micahraptor, Kirahdactyl, Johnnysaurus Rex, etc) on each of their bags.

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In the bags I put a dino egg that you soak in water overnight & it hatches into a dinosaur (it really cracks like a real egg!) that I found at Michael’s in their party favor section for a $1. I put a dinosaur Silly Band, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur tattoo, a glow bracelet, a dinosaur coloring/activity pad and a chocolate dinosaur lollipop that I made myself in the colors of the party.

The lollipops were SUPER easy! I bought a mold for $2 at A.C. Moore (like Michael’s), candy melts in blue, orange and white, lollipop sticks, lollipop bags and ribbon in blue, green and orange. You literally just melt the candy melts, pour into the molds with a stick in them, wait for it to set and then package it up. They were delicious and adorable. Each child also got a dinosaur mask (Oriental Trading)at the start of the party.

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I strung them on a ribbon and tied it onto my stair banister with a loop over the end pole for easy removal. Each child got to choose which dino they wanted to be. SO cute to see them all in their masks through out the party!

All in all, it was a good time! There were approx. 30 people there. We talked, ate, played the game…. the kids were younger so it’s hard to really do too many activities with them when there was so much going on so they played with blocks and cars and other toys together.

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How do you throw a dinosaur for a birthday party? ›

How to Throw An Exciting Dinosaur Birthday Party
  1. Choose a Theme. ...
  2. Think About Your Guests. ...
  3. Plan Your Dinosaur Party Decorations. ...
  4. Add In Some Fun Party Games. ...
  5. Dino Shaped Balloons. ...
  6. Dinosaur Fossil Dig. ...
  7. Mini Dinosaur Table Decorations. ...
  8. Dinosaur Piñata.
Mar 8, 2021

How do you celebrate a 3 year old birthday party? ›

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What is a dino birthday party? ›

But be warned – when you choose a dinosaur birthday party theme for your kid, your guests will assume your child likes dinosaurs (a fair assumption) and they may buy gifts to match the theme. That was not a problem for us, as our little girl adores dinosaurs.

How do you throw a party in Jurassic Park? ›

Pre-dinosaur party planning

Make sure to invite absolutely everyone. Don't leave anyone out, even if you've only met them once or twice before. Decorate your party room with dollar store dinosaur figurines. Be sure to strike the right balance between carnivores and herbivores as you place them throughout the room.

How do you draw a dinosaur? ›

How To Draw Indominus Rex From Jurassic Park - YouTube

What can I do instead of a party? ›

Suggest some of these ideas to your child (or brainstorm your own non-party activities) for a fun and memorable birthday.
  • Go Camping. ...
  • Fly Somewhere for the Weekend. ...
  • Take in a Movie. ...
  • Host a Family Dinner. ...
  • Let Your Child Decide. ...
  • Hit the Skating Rink. ...
  • Go to a Sporting Venue. ...
  • Play at the Amusement Park.
Jan 26, 2022

What does a 3 year old like to play with? ›

Let your child have pretend playtime with dolls, cars, or toy cooking utensils. Play hide and seek and follow the leader. Let your child use his or her imagination by playing with play dough or clay. Trace your child's hand or whole body and make a picture.

How do adults learn about dinosaurs? ›

Non-Fiction Dinosaur Books For Adults
  1. The Dinosaur Artist by Paige Williams.
  2. The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World by Steve Brusatte.
  3. Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton.
  4. The Dinosaur Hunter by Homer Hickam.
  5. The Dinosaur Lords (Series) by Victor Milan.
Feb 23, 2019

How do you make Jurassic Park decorations? ›

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What is the Jurassic Park font? ›

“AGFA purchased quite a few of the digital sets, including my typeface called FFD Neuland Inline,” he said. “When they sold that font to the producers of “Jurassic Park,” demand for my work increased.”

How do you make a dinosaur mask? ›

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How do you draw a T-Rex for kids? ›

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How do you draw a baby dinosaur? ›

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Is it OK to not have a birthday party? ›

Most psychologist say that having a party for every birthday is not necessary. Children need to learn how to distinguish the difference between age even when they do not have a birthday party.

How can I make my birthday special? ›

Here are 10 ways to celebrate YOU on your birthday:
  1. Plan some alone time. ...
  2. Buy yourself a special gift. ...
  3. Make a monthly birthday date. ...
  4. Do something you love to do. ...
  5. Spend time with people who uplift and inspire you. ...
  6. Buy and read an inspiring book. ...
  7. Write yourself a letter. ...
  8. Thank the people you love.
Feb 21, 2019

What is the best theme for a birthday party? ›

32 Party theme ideas perfect for your next celebration!
  1. Alice in Wonderland Theme. ...
  2. 70′s disco, 80′s retro, or 90′s pop theme. ...
  3. Arabian Nights Theme. ...
  4. Black and White Ball Theme. ...
  5. Bond 007 Theme. ...
  6. Bollywood Theme. ...
  7. Burlesque Theme. ...
  8. Casino & Vegas Theme.
Aug 24, 2017

Is it free to go to Disneyland on your birthday? ›

As of right now Disney does not give free admission on your birthday though they will help you celebrate it. Be sure to stop by Guest Relations and pick up a free birthday button. You're sure to receive lots of birthday wishes from Cast Members and guests alike.

Are birthday parties necessary? ›

Most psychologist say that having a party for every birthday is not necessary. Children need to learn how to distinguish the difference between age even when they do not have a birthday party.

What are some creative themes? ›

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  • Great Gatsby. ...
  • Love Boat. ...
  • Classic China. ...
  • Crazy Hats. ...
  • Space Man.
Oct 3, 2017

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  • Circus - A circus theme is quick and easy to put together and cost-efficient. ...
  • Scavenger Hunt - Send the kids out of the house to work up an appetite for cake and ice cream with a scavenger hunt.

How do you pick a birthday theme? ›

Choosing the perfect theme for your party
  1. Make sure the theme suits the occasion. The first thing to think about is the occasion which the event is celebrating. ...
  2. Consider colour. ...
  3. Make it personal. ...
  4. Stick to budget. ...
  5. Run your idea past your friends. ...
  6. Look at what's on trend. ...
  7. Seasonal is simple. ...
  8. If in doubt, trust traditional.
Jul 17, 2015

What is the cheapest month to go to Disneyland? ›

“The ticket prices are rock bottom ($104/day plus tax), and the Disneyland hotel's rates are $372/night plus tax, about $94/night less than the next-cheapest nights I can find.” The cheapest time to visit Disneyland is likely May 11 through May 14.

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Does Disney give you anything for your birthday? ›

Disney does not give you free admission on your birthday but they do give you special treatment, free food, and other perks.

What makes a birthday party successful? ›

A party that feels well organized is the best way to reassure guests of everything they need to know before arriving. This means as soon as you have set a date, time and place, send out an invitation with all the necessary information. This will also avoid people asking you the same questions.

How much do parents spend on birthdays? ›

When budgeting, don't forget to factor in the cost of a birthday party. According to a recent survey, the average parent spends approximately $400 on a birthday party for their child.

What is the best time for a child birthday party? ›

The best time of day to have a baby or toddler party is probably 10:00am or 11:00am. This lets you work around nap time, and is long enough for some free play and cake. As children get older, parties are usually from 1:30pm to 3:00pm or 2:00pm to 4:00pm. This gives plenty of time for games, snacks, and cake.

First off, check out these great Dinosaur birthday party packs and decorations with some really great items, including everything you’ll need to set … Read more. This “Make Volcano” project is a great activity for kids, especially at a party such as the Dinosaur theme party or the Luau theme party.. I created invitations by printing the party info on an egg and using a cracked looking top half (attached with a brad), it read “BREAKING NEWS… DINOSAURS HAVE BEEN SPOTTED AT MATTOSAURUS’S CAVE” and once you lifted the top part … Read more. I used this websites free Dinosaur pictures to create a dinosaur party games for our 5 year old.. Dinosaur birthday ideas and photos by: Bethany from Ludington, MI Here are our ideas for a Dinosaur birthday party for a 5-year-old.. Dinosaur party ideas and photos by: Rebecca from Ventura, CA For my son’s 7th birthday we put together a dinosaur party.. There were also dinosaur shaped chicken, white cheese sticks (dino bones), dino juice (mint chocolate chip ice-cream and Sprite), and fruit snacks in the shape of a dinosaur available for the guests to snack on along … Read more. I used this websites free Dinosaur pictures to create a dinosaur party games for our 5 year old.. To carry on our boy’s Dinosaur 5th birthday party theme, I used the free pictures which you can download from your site to make pin the horn on Triceratops Another activity was throw the soft ball through T-Rex’s mouth (after this picture was taken I put black plastic behind the mouth hole, but only attached … Read more

If your little one is one of the millions of children all over the world who are fascinated by dinosaurs, you are in the right place to get dinosaur birthday party ideas.. So, to make sure your little dino lover has the best birthday ever, try some dinosaur birthday party ideas – dino-mite!. The great part of a dinosaur birthday party is, because of their popularity, you can find just about anything with a dinosaur theme.. With the invitations out of the way, it’s time to think about some dinosaur birthday party decoration ideas.. Whether you want specialty Mylar balloons shaped like dinosaurs or you just want dinosaurs printed onto regular balloons, there are numerous dino-themed party supplies you can find!. Look for dark-green streamers, cardboard leaves, and dinosaur plates and cups to make your dinosaur party complete!. If you prefer going the more traditional route, you can always make a cake shaped like your child’s favorite dinosaur or have a cake with special dinosaur numbers for your child’s age.. Watch this to make an awesome lava cake for your next dinosaur birthday party.. Cupcakes with dinosaur toppers are a great idea for little ones, so long as the special birthday boy or girl gets the biggest cupcake with their favorite dinosaur on top!. Another option is to make a dirt cake and sprinkle the top with gummy dinosaurs, candy dinosaur “eggs” and use a toy dinosaur as the cake topper.. Whichever route you choose, you can stick with your dinosaur birthday party theme by selecting from a wide variety of paper plates, napkins, cups, cake or cupcake toppers, place cards – you name it.. If you don’t want to make a bunch of individual decisions, order a complete party set, all following your dinosaur party idea.

For my son’s 7th birthday we put together a dinosaur party.. The first Dino had all the party info (party time etc.). The Dinosaur party invites read “Stampede to the Nesting Grounds for James Birthday Dinosaur Expedition on March 13 from 1:30-3:30 at the Smith Cave and Quarry.. The leaves were cut from green party streamers with the veins drawn with black Sharpie marker.. Coming out of the cave, kids were surprised by a realistic Dino made by hanging my kid’s Dino costume over my floor lamp and stuffing with blankets.. Upon arrival to our Dinosaur party, kids excavated dinosaur skeletons at the quarry which I made 3 weeks before party.. They busted them open with a plastic hammer, removed most of the sand, then washed them in a tub of water.. The Lava Rock was a piece of Styrofoam broken into a rock form and then spray-painted black.. When it was time to erupt, each child placed a new Dixie cup pre-filled with baking soda into the receptacle and then added vinegar made red with food coloring.. Next, the kids went on a Dino Egg Hunt for small plastic eggs with Dinos in them.. Every kid got about 17 eggs!. The Dinosaur party cake was a sheet cake with green frosting and a small blue lake.. These three cakes made the volcano which was frosted with chocolate.. I bought a bucket of Dinos made by Animal Planet at Toys R Us ($5.95) because it had palm trees and a waterfall rock that I could frost with blue and make it flow into my lake.

Continue Reading Download some free dinosaur coloring pages to keep the kids entertained.. Continue Reading This Dino footprint hop activity will also be a fun game for the kids.. Continue Reading Another fun activity to try on a Dinosaur party is this Dinosaur hunt.. It's so easy to make.. Create one for your party and kids will definitely love it!. Continue Reading

Two weekends ago was Ava’s (my daughter) Dino4 birthday party and we had a BLAST!. I decorated the whole house with tropical leaves, had colorful dinosaurs all over the place, had a couple of dino-mite activities available and, since her party was Easter weekend, we had to have a dinosaur egg hunt, of course.. Every year I plan a super fun, themed, birthday party for Ava.. Her first birthday party was kinda just thrown together (hello, new mom, breastfeeding, living out of state, it just didn’t happen).. Her third birthday party was “Ava Grace is Three are you Kitten me?. And for her fourth birthday party, we were going to do “Fancy, Fabolous, and Four” but decided to switch it to DINO4, about 2 months before the party.. I wanted to write up what I did, share any resources I created, and give you a few DIY projects for your dinosaur themed birthday party!. The first thing I did, was create a mood board for the dinosaur birthday party.. Party colors, fonts, and graphics were chosen, and placed on the mood board, to best represent her party.. Leaves are perfect for a dinosaur birthday party, but you could use them for lots of different birthday party themes!. I love that these leaves were inexpensive and easy to make while adding flair to the dinosaur birthday party decorations!. Since her birthday party fell on Easter weekend this year, I thought a dino egg hunt would be something easy to put together that the kids would really enjoy.. Another good thing about the dino egg hunt was it doubled as the party favors!. Bugles – Raptor Claws – We found these at Walmart Grapes – Dinosaur Eggs White Chocolate Pretzels – Dinosaur Bones Veggie Tray – Herbivores Chips – Dinosaur Scales Cake – Made by my sister. I always like for us to dress for the occasion on Ava’s birthday parties.

Whether your child loves science and paleontology, or their favorite movie is Jurassic Park , a dinosaur birthday party is fun and easy to create.. From dinosaur themed food to dino decorations, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite party ideas, just for you.. Get started planning your dinosaur birthday party with the following kids birthday party ideas below.. From the best birthday invitations to the ultimate party favors, we have all the ideas to help you bring your dinosaur (birthday) to life!. The birthday starts with the invitation, so it’s important that your invites tell the guests everything they need to know.. In addition to picking the perfect dinosaur design for your kids birthday invitations , you also want to make sure they cover all the important details.. The following dinosaur birthday menu ideas include sweet desserts and fun finger foods.. For a younger kids birthday party, consider making this adorable fondant dino birthday cake.. Create some custom dinosaur pillows for your child’s birthday party.. These dinosaur custom step stools make perfect opportunities to decorate your party space and double as a great gift and reminder of the party.. These custom kids plates are perfect for any dinosaur party.. They’re durable, which makes them perfect for surviving a kids birthday party, and they double as great party favors once the birthday is over.. When it’s time to find the right party games for your dino party, make sure to check out the ideas below.. Consider leaving out a dinosaur themed puzzle or two in more quiet areas of the party space.. Surprise the birthday boy or girl with this early birthday present and they’re sure to love playing with their friends all day.

I kept putting off to write this party plan since I’m not that big on dinosaurs but after searching for ideas and coming up with ideas I kind of warmed up to the idea of having a dinosaur party.. Invite your pals… or your kid’s pals to a roaring fun party with a dinosaur party invitation.. a sign at the door (dinosaur crossing, beware of dinosaur, dead end…) theme colored balloons (green, brown, or whatever color you have chosen) artificial vines and leaves (this inexpensive set of 12 ivy garlands will come handy at this party) themed colored curling ribbon or streamer dinosaur images. head on the dinosaur horn on the dinosaur tail on the dinosaur tooth on the dinosaur. Dinosaur Bones – yogurt or white candy-coated pretzels in various shapes Dino Scales – chips Dinosaur Eggs – green and red grapes Dino Toe Nails – Bugles Dinosaur Tail Slices – sliced kiwi Stegosaurus Spikes – triangle watermelon slices Herbivore Cups – carrot and celery sticks in a cup with a dip. Lava Cakes – lava cakes Fossil Cookies – sugar cookies with a dino footprint pressed into it Dino Eggs – candy coated chocolate or jelly beans Rocks – rock candy Dino Kneecaps – doughnut holes Dig for Dinos – dirt cups topped with rock candy pieces and gummy dinos Dino Chow – popcorn, pretzels, dino gummies, candy coated chocolate Dino Droppings – chocolate covered raisins or any round chocolate like Whoppers® or Milk Duds® Slimy Swamp Sample – green jello Fruit-a-saurus – fruit salad

There have also been a ton of great posts on favors, cupcakes and even whole dinosaur themed dessert tables.. DIY Dino Party Ideas : Be inspired by the giant cardboard dinosaur decorations at this boy’s birthday party.. Also notice the DIY, purple, dinosaur birthday cake—an awesome dessert table centerpiece!. Speaking of cakes, have you seen this amazing step-by-step tutorial of how to make a smoking volcano cake?. Easy Dinosaur Dessert Idea : A brownie dino dig for the dessert table will keep little birthday boys and their guests happy in more ways than one!. Dino Party on a Budget : This boy birthday party how-to on a budget shares specific ideas for decorations and creating a stylish, boy-friendly celebration.. How to Make Dino Fossils : For your next boy birthday party make “fossils” with coffee grounds for decorations or use cookie dough for edible prints on the dessert table.. Dino Birthday Cakes : Here are a dozen delightful dino birthday cake styles ranging from DIY to professional renderings.. Dino Dessert Table : Here is our own collection illustrating some of the ways you can use our instant download printables for easy dessert table decorations and party decor at your boy’s birthday party.. Modern 1st Birthday : What a great color palette for a dinosaur themed first birthday!. 21 Dinosaur Party Craft Ideas : Whether you’re planning a dinosaur themed boy birthday party or just have little guys who like dinosaurs, you’re going to like these great ideas for dinosaur crafts.


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